Downloading Your Digital Music Files

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1. Go to My Account and log in. 2. Click on the order you need to download. 3. Each track from each CD must be downloaded separately along with the lyrics and cover art. Click on the track to be downloaded then click "Save." If the box shown below doesn't appear, try RIGHT-CLICKING on the link. Then either use the option to "SAVE LINK AS" or "SAVE TARGET AS."

Click Save

Important: You may need to click the yellow bar at the top of the browser window to allow the download.

IE Yellow Security Bar

4. After you click "Save" you will see a dialog box which allows you to choose your download destination. Be sure to download your files to a location that you will be able to remember or find easily. At this time you will also be able to change the file name to make it easier for you to know which song you downloaded as well as if it is the demo or a performance track. Once you have found the location and/or changed the file name click "Save."

Choose your location and click Save

5. The download dialog box will then show the progress of your download. The time for downloading varies depending upon your Internet connection speed. Once the download is complete you will be given the option to "Open" the file, "Open the Folder" or "Close." Choose the option that is best for you.

Downloading File

6. Repeat steps 3 - 5 for each remaining track as well as the cover art and lyrics.

Common Download Issues

If you have trouble downloading music from please try the following possible solutions.

Downloading to a Tablet or Phone

You cannot download files purchased at Christwill Music to a tablet or phone. Please download the files to a computer then transfer them to your device. Refer to the user manual for your device for instructions on how to transfer files from your computer to your device.

Temporarily Disable Anti-Virus Programs

Anti-Virus programs such as Norton and McAfee may prevent your downloads from completing. If you have these programs installed and you are experiencing issues downloading your files, we recommend you temporarily disable your anti-virus program when purchasing from Be sure to enable your Anti-Virus protection once you have completed downloading your files.

Enable Download Notifications

In certain cases, your browser's security settings may be preventing file downloads without displaying any notification. If this occurs, your download will fail, but your browser will not let you know why it has blocked the action. Check your browser's security setting to make sure that notifications are enabled so you know if your browser is blocking downloads.

MSN Users

If you have difficulties downloading with your particular browser (the MSN browser is the butterfly browser), please switch to Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. Sometimes, the MSN browser has difficulties downloading and it delivers the web page instead of the file.

If you download a file and you get a corrupted file error

Your download was interrupted by your Internet Service Provide (ISP). Download it again to a NEW location on your computer. You may have to reboot in between downloads. ISPs cache downloads and if they have interrupted your download, they may try to send you the interrupted download again if you download to the same location.

Your download speed is slow

Your download speed is largely controlled by your own ISP, the amount of RAM your computer has, Internet traffic, and bandwidth (speed of your connection). These are items that are outside of Christwill Music's control.

If your download is interrupted

If your download is interrupted in the middle (for example, if your Internet connection is interrupted), you may restart the download. Just click on the download link again (from the download page immediately after checkout, if the screen is still available) or log in to your Christwill account, go to My Account, log in and click your order, then click on the track to begin the download again.