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How can I know that Christwill Music is safe to do business with?

When our secure site ( asks you to enter personal information during checkout or log in, that information is encrypted and protected with the best encryption software currently available in the industry: SSL3 (Secure Sockets Layer version 3). Christwill Music uses the most advanced form of SSL software available for commerce: 256-bit encryption with extended validation by Entrust®. If you are using Microsoft® Internet Explorer® version 7 or 8, you will see the address bar turn green, in recognition of our extended validation certificate classification. To learn more about EV SSL, please visit the Entrust® Website. Additionally, you can verify our Entrust SSL certificate by clicking on the icon located in the footer anywhere within the Christwill Music Checkout, My Account or Christwill Music Download areas.

Access to all of our users' information is restricted. All Christwill Music servers, including web servers and database servers, are housed and maintained in our highly secure, separate network operations center. This is a secured, controlled access facility that requires the select few personnel with clearance to biometrically check in with their hand print as their authentication, and wear valid ID badges while on the premise. A national alarm monitoring company protects these premises 24/7. Only employees who need the information to perform a specific job are granted access to personally identifiable information. No credit card information is retained once your transaction has cleared. Access to the Christwill Music database is strictly monitored and protected from outside access with both software and hardware firewalls in sophisticated unified threat management configurations. All backups are stored in a bank vault safety deposit box. Only personnel with proper security clearance have access to these restricted areas.

Christwill Music has been independently audited by the national information security and compliance monitoring leader, Trustwave®. Christwill Music has distinguished its operation as Payment Card Industry DSS Level Three compliant. To learn more about PCI DSS standards and compliance, please visit the Trustwave® Website. Our security standing with Trustwave® can be verified by clicking on the icon located in the footer anywhere within the Christwill Music Checkout, My Account or Christwill Music Download areas.

Why can't I listen to the music samples?   -OR-   I don't see anything where the music samples are supposed to be.
  • You need to install Adobe Flash PlayerGet Adobe Flash Player
  • Your Internet service is too slow (ex: dial-up)
  • You are behind a corporate firewall configured to block music

If this does not correct your issue you will need to contact your computer support team. Christwill Music cannot provide technical support or assistance for end-user computer issues.

Why was my order shipped differently than the method I asked and paid for?

Christwill Music reserves the right to change your shipping mode to either get your order to you more quickly, or get it to you more securely. In some cases, we will absorb the additional cost of a shipping upgrade. In either case, we are committed to getting your products to you as quickly and safely as feasible.

What should I do if my product is defective?

If you have received a defective item, please call Customer Service at 1-866-600-2025 for an RMA number. Once you have obtained your RMA number, you can return the defective item to Christwill Music, and it will be replaced and returned to you at no charge. Christwill Music does not pay the return shipping cost for defective merchandise.

If you have downloaded a defective file, please follow all advice on our Download Help page. If you are still unable to receive a good file please call Customer Service at 1-866-600-2025 for an immediate online evaluation. If your Christwill Music representative verifies the bad file, he will offer to either refund your purchase or ship a hardcopy (where available; shipping fees may apply).

Why do I have to re-enter my payment information every time I place an order?

To provide a higher level of security, Christwill Music does not store any payment information regarding your order.

After listening to my product, I decided I don't like the arrangement. Can I exchange it for another version or song?

All sales are final. Replacements are only made for defective items and they are replaced with a working copy of the same item. Please see our Warranty and Returns Policy for more information.

Your website is a mess. Things are not where they should be and I can't even see all the graphics.

Please check the make and version of your browser (usually available from Help/About). If you are using any browser other than Internet Explorer® version 6 (IE6) or less, we want to know what issues you are experiencing so we can fix them. Please take the time to let Customer Service know.

While it may not be "politically correct" the decision was made not to support IE6. We are striving to be on the leading edge of technology. That being said, because IE6, which was released in 2001 (a very long time ago in terms of technologies), is riddled with bugs and problems, it would require a lot of resources that we'd rather use to provide more features and a richer experience for our users with modern browers. We encourage our IE6 users to either upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer® or to download and install Firefox or Chrome to enjoy fuller experiences on the Internet.


A song that I want is not on the website. Can you get it for me?

We can not request that an accompaniment track be created for a song. The availability of accompaniment tracks is based on the artist, company, studio, and various other factors we have no control over. But know that we are constantly searching for great Christian music, old and new, to provide to you.

The product I want says it's out of print. How can I get it?
Unfortunately, sometimes when a CD/Accompaniment Track goes Out of Print (O/P) and all hard copies have been liquidated and the product is basically unattainable, until we are granted a license to reproduce it in-house. Fortunately, recording companies/studios are releasing titles that were O/P to us much more frequently and allowing us to create those for you using our state-of-the-art burning system. We can not request titles be released from the companies and have no time frame for when they may become available. But our team works on many of these every day, because we want them available to you. Please check our website frequently, because as soon as the title is licensed for digital burning/downloading, it will be available to be purchased on our website.

Accompaniment Tracks

What is a split track?

A split track is a track that puts all orchestration (music) on the left channel, and all voice on the right channel (or vice versa). If you listen to a split track in stereo, you hear both channels and it sounds like regular listening music. If you want to sing with it, you split out the voice channel with your left/right balance knob on the CD player, main receiver, or mixing board, as applicable.

Split tracks are frequently used for musicals and choral collections, which a church choir would sing. Since you don't have to phase all of the voice channel out, it allows small groups or choirs to have a fuller range of sound, especially if they are missing key voice ranges.

When I purchase an accompaniment track or karaoke CD from Christwill Music, what am I entitled to do with it?

Please see Performance Rights.

Why are there no lyrics available for an accompaniment track?

When a song is recorded many times the music and lyrics are copyrighted separately. When the artist releases the song to be used in accompaniment track form, on seldom occasions they do not release the copyright for the lyrics. When this happens, the recording studio is not allowed to distribute the lyrics for this song with the accompaniment track. Therefore we are unable to provide the lyrics for the song when you purchase the accompaniment track.

Why doesn't the music sound exactly the same as the original recording or contain all the original verses?

Most accompaniment tracks are re-recorded by the producers and team of musicians and singers for each company. They strive to record each song to sound just like the original. Exceptions are made to make the track easier to use by you, the singer. Long intros, instrumentals or fade outs may be removed. On some occasions they will rearrange verses or even remove them to shorten the length of the song. The producer's desire is to make each track as "singer-friendly" as possible. Christwill Music has no control over this, and cannot refund your purchase because you don't like subtleties of the arrangement.

Why isn't the original artist singing in the demonstration?

Most accompaniment tracks are re-recorded by the producers and team of musicians and singers for each company. They do not use the artist's original tracks or vocal recording.

I sing in a group. Can I buy one copy of the music and make a copy for each of the members in my singing group?
You may not duplicate the music for distribution. Each person requiring personal use of the accompaniment track will require an additional purchase of the accompaniment track. The exception is if the group practices and performs together, one purchase will cover everyone.

Who do I contact if I would like to record my performace of your accompaniment tracks on CD for distribution?

Downloads & Digital Music

Why isn't all your music downloadable?

The title base of more than 23,000 CDs and DVDs is comprised of over 184,000 songs which we sell. Those span over 2,200 record labels, managed by over 400 distributors internationally. The licensing and record keeping is mind-boggling, and not every company moves at the same pace. Furthermore, a majority of Christian labels are not committed to selling their products digitally. As a result, their sales suffer, as do the artists they represent, and the body of Christ at large, which might otherwise have easier access to all titles.

Suffice it to say, we are all about using technology to reach the world, but are waiting for companies, whose hardcopy products we sell, to "step up to the plate" and let us use our technological prowess to sell their products as downloads. We do not control who allows downloads, we honor the contracts we have, and pray for the Lord, who owns it all, to move the hearts of those who resist technological change.

How do I download a music file?   -OR-   I'm having trouble downloading a file.

Please see Download Help for step by step instructions. There is also some troubleshooting advice at the bottom of the page.

How long is my music available for download after I buy it?

For each accompaniment track and/or Christian music CD purchased, you have 30 days or five downloads, whichever comes first, during which to download the song to your computer system. Once the time frame or number of downloads has expired, you will need to re-purchase the music to regain download access. The same 30 day or five download policy applies on any track/music purchase. Because of this, we urge you to download as soon as possible after your purchase and test your files for integrity.

My hard drive crashed, or I lost or accidentally deleted my music. Can I download it again?

Christwill Music allows up to 5 downloads of each music file for each purchase for 30 days. If you need to re-download a product you purchased before the 5 downloads or 30 days, simply log in to your Christwill Music account, Click on My Account, and click on the order you need to download. If your 5 downloads have been used or 30 days have passed you will be unable to re-download your items without re-purchasing them. Because we cannot grant access to expired files for any reason, we urge you to make a backup copy of your music files.

How long does it take to download a song to my computer?

Although not necessary to download music, Christwill Music strongly recommends you use a high-speed Internet connection (referred to as broadband, DSL, cable, etc.) An average song (4-6 MB) takes less than a minute to download using a broadband, corporate or public connection. Downloading an average song using a 56 Kbps modem (dial-up) can take 30 minutes or longer per song.

Are Christwill Music downloads safe?

All downloads from Christwill Music are virus free and will not harm your computer. Please note that Christwill Music is not responsible for any issues related to your system, software or hardware, per the Download Agreement purchasers are bound under.

Are Christwill Music downloads legal?

All downloads you purchase from Christwill Music are legal, provided you adhere to the Download Agreement. All of our music downloads have been licensed for sale to the general public for personal use. However, due to our license restrictions, some music downloads may be limited because of the country you reside in.

Are digital music (MP3 and Ogg Vorbis) files legal?

Yes, digital music files themselves are legal. Many people have digital music files on their computer that they received in a legal way, either ripping them from a CD they own or buying them through a digital music service. However, there are a large number of people who trade MP3 files either to each other or through file-sharing networks. This practice is illegal. If you only receive your music files through a digital music service or from your personal CDs, then you are in the clear. Christwill Music only sells legal music.

What is Digital Rights Management (DRM) and does Christwill Music use DRM protection?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a term that refers to types of controls used to try to limit the usage of digital content on various devices, put in place by manufacturers, publishers or copyright holders. Christwill Music does not sell music with DRM protection.

Should I purchase MP3 or Ogg Vorbis?

Please take advantage of our Sample Downloads to listen to and test with. More information which answers your question is also found on this page. THESE SAMPLES ARE FREE, BUT ARE TO BE USED ONLY FOR TESTING YOUR HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE FOR COMPATIBILITY.

What can I do with a digital music file (MP3 or Ogg Vorbis)?

There are several options when using a digital music file. You can...

  • Listen to the file on your computer (MP3 or Ogg Vorbis)
  • Transfer the file onto an MP3 player (MP3, occasionally Ogg Vorbis). This could be for listening, storage, transferring, or to plug directly into a sound system at the location where the music is to be broadcast.
  • Transfer the file onto a USB key or flash drive (MP3 or Ogg Vorbis). This would be for storage or transport.
  • Burn a CD (WAV, MP3, or Ogg Vorbis)

In all of these cases, we urge you to check your hardware and software specifications to ensure compatibility. Please take advantage of our Sample Downloads to listen to and test both file types.

How can I make a CD of the songs I've downloaded?

Converting the files from MP3 or Ogg Vorbis to CD audio (a process known as "ripping") and transferring the files from the computer to a CD (a process known as "burning") can be done through various software applications. You can find these applications by searching the Internet. Your software's documentation will have complete instructions for Ripping/Burning CDs. CHRISTWILL MUSIC CANNOT PROVIDE TECHNICAL SUPPORT OR ASSISTANCE FOR BURNING CONTENT ONTO CDS WITH ANY PROGRAM.

I don't want to download all the files individually. Can I download them in one zipped file?
No, not at this time.