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Being Effective


Leading the Way to Worship

Leading the Way to WorshipAs worship leaders, what would happen if we got distracted or off course? Where would we lead the people? How dangerous to take our responsibility lightly... read more


Singing Scripture

Singing ScriptureMany songs available with lyrics that are Scripture put to music. Others use a phrase from Scripture or a Truth from God's Word. If you start to listen to some of the tracks available, you won't have to listen very long to hear Scripture in the music. Here are some selections for you... read more

It's Not Time to Coast - Walk by Faith

It's Not Time to Coast - Walk by FaithWe musicians went through a busy December didn't we? You may be tempted to just put it on autopilot and coast through the next few weeks, right? I have a thought for you to consider as we move into 2015... read more


The More You Give, the More You Receive

The More You Give, the More You ReceiveI am sure you have heard this said before. Now let's apply this to our music ministry. You may be thinking, Well I only get scheduled to sing about once every 3 months. I can only give as I have opportunity to sing - which is not very much at all. But... read more

You're Enough - In His Hands

You're Enough - In His HandsHave you ever thought that you don't have what it takes to be in the music ministry? Have you had thoughts of insufficiency in your musical talent? Maybe you have measured your musical abilities against someone else and think you have too little to be useful. Here's a story for you... read more

Encourage Your Fellow Musicians

Encourage Your Fellow MusiciansMost of us musicians are a "different breed." We have quirks, and our creative brains can cause us to butt heads with each other. But we are called to encourage each other. Here are several practical ideas to help you do that. read more


Yours is a High Calling

Yours is a High CallingYou may be so bogged down in life that you don't feel you have the time to commit to a music ministry. Or maybe, you sing all the time. However, you don't feel you're accomplishing anything for the Kingdom or that you have any type of high calling. I've had those same thoughts, but this I know to be true... read more

Goal-Setting in Your Music Ministry

Goal-Setting in Your Music MinistryYou have all kinds of plans for what you'd like to do. You want to set some goals and make some headway. This is one music ministry goal you should always have in mind... read more


Finish Well

Finish WellIf you're a music ministry veteran - perhaps even approaching the end of your season, you have experience and wisdom that the young ones don't have. BUT... you also may be missing or in danger of losing something they naturally possess... read more


Your Voice Ain't That Great

Your Voice Ain't That GreatSo, how do you get the courage to stand up and sing when you are unsure of your voice? You've been asked to sing, so obviously, someone thinks you have a good singing voice. Or, someone must at the least think that you have some musical potential that can be developed. Right? read more

God's Beautiful Gift

God's Beautiful GiftMusic is a beautiful gift straight from God himself. If we apply the word "music" to Romans 11:36, it would read like this -- music is from Him, music is through Him, and music is for Him. In other words, music comes from God. read more


Don't Get Ready to Sing Inside Out

Don't Get Ready to Sing Inside OutYou're scheduled to sing and you've been rehearsing. Vocally, you are ready. And now you're standing at your closet door trying to choose the right outfit.

You want to look just right. But you feel a tugging at your heart and something isn't quite right. Have you forgotten the most important thing? read more

Get Poured Into Before Pouring Out

Get Poured Into Before Pouring OutAs a servant of the Lord in the music ministry, you are called on continually to "pour out." You are not just choosing songs, rehearsing and preparing for church services, weddings, funerals, Bible studies and special events. You are also pouring yourself out through your music and giving yourself to minister to others.

Are you continually being asked to pour out but are feeling a bit empty inside yourself? read more

Enthusiasm - Get Some

Enthusiasm - Get SomeI have a word; I want to share it with you. Enthusiasm. The Lord put this on my heart after watching a young lady minister through song in a recent church service. She stood before the congregation to sing, and she burst with enthusiasm. Her love and zeal for the Lord combined with the enthusiastic worship she poured from deep within filled her music and flowed over the congregation. It was contagious! As I watched her, I was reminded of how... read more

Yes, You're Singing, But are You Effective?

Yes, You're Singing, But are You Effective?Wondering if you're music ministry is effective? I encourage you not to judge the effectiveness of your ministry by the applause you may or may not receive or the number of pats on the back. Instead, ask yourself this one question... read more...