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Too Busy NOT To!

Too Busy NOT To!Have you found yourself in such a busy season of ministry that you can't seem to find even a few quiet minutes to pray? We have all been there and we can collectively say that the music ministry keeps you BUSY! read more


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Beware of the Performance Trap

Beware of the Performance TrapDo we give much thought to what others think about our music ministry? Probably, for many of us, our first response is absolutely - no, the approval of others is not that important to me! But, after some thought... read more


Sweaty Palms, Knocking Knees, Shaking Head

Sweaty Palms, Knocking Knees, Shaking HeadHave you ever been so nervous that your head shook? Everyone has had times when you're so nervous your palms get sweaty and your hands shake; or for some your knees actually knocked. Yes I've been in those situations. But have you ever been so nervous that your head shook? Well I have and believe me it wasn't pleasant. read more

Clash of Generations

Clash of GenerationsWorking together with a mix of ages in your team can lead to a clash of generations. For both the younger inexperienced musicians and the older experienced ones this can be a huge challenge but also a great blessing if handled according to God's Word.
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Did That Just Happen?

Did That Just Happen?Have you ever been on stage singing a song when a sound comes out of your mouth that startles you? You're not sure whether it was a hiccup, your voice just cracked or you may have just burped a little! You continue singing, thinking "maybe no one else heard it but me?" read more

Cliff Diving into New Ministry Opportunities

Cliff Diving into New Ministry OpportunitiesBasically I don't care for the idea of free-falling! But the Lord has put me on the edge of the cliff a few times in my journey with Him and called me to jump off in faith. When first called into the music ministry in my church I was excited but so scared. read more

Mountain Climbing in Your Music Ministry

Mountain Climbing in Your Music MinistryAre you standing at the foot of a mountain in your music ministry? Are you currently facing a huge obstacle in your life that seems impassable? Does the shadow of the mountain have you in the dark and you don't know what to do? You want to run in the other direction but to move forward, you must face the mountain. Here's some encouragement for getting past that mountain... read more

Uprooted and Planted

Uprooted and PlantedJob opportunities took us away from our home and church, where we were very involved in ministry. With each move, we knew the Lord was calling us to a new place, but I had a difficult time letting go of the ministry I was in. My roots had grown deep and uprooting was difficult... read more

Chaos and Commitment

Chaos and CommitmentWhy do Sunday mornings often seem so chaotic when you're scheduled to sing? One answer is that the enemy wants to distract us and make us ineffective in what God has called us to do. Are stress and distractions causing you to question if you should continue to sing in church? read more

Getting Along with Sound Techs

Getting Along with Sound TechsIt seems that friction easily develops between musicians and sound technicians in the church. Have you noticed that? The minute the sound system shows off, we begin pointing fingers at the poor sound tech. And, if he or she doesn't own up to the sound problems and immediately fix them, well, friction builds. read more

Dealing with Criticism

Dealing with CriticismCriticism can hurt feelings, destroy testimonies and divide ministries - and we have to learn how to deal with it because it will come. read more


Our Battle is Not with a Faulty Sound System

Our Battle is Not with a Faulty Sound SystemWere you bummed out because the last time you sang there were issues with the sound system, and you felt like your song was a flop? The enemy may try to discourage or stop us but Holy Spirit is not bound by the sound system. Don't depend on... read more

Why Has God Put Me on the Shelf?

Why Has God Put Me on the Shelf?Have you ever had a season in your life where you felt like God had "put you on the shelf" in your music ministry? Maybe you have had to step away from your music ministry due to health reasons, or you relocated to a new town. Perhaps, there have been personal conflicts. For a singer, that's a difficult season to go through. read more

Decide to Sing and Watch Everything Go Wrong

Decide to Sing and Watch Everything Go WrongHave you ever noticed that when you're scheduled to sing almost everything seems to go wrong? I'm not sure why this is - whether it's the enemy trying to interfere, a result of our own limitations or just simply life happening. Whatever the case, it's a sure thing. No matter how well you plan, things never go exactly according to plan. Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about. read more...