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You're Served

You're ServedBecause you're on the stage, singing often, people thank you for your ministry. Sometimes people will do something special for you because you've ministered to them. Maybe you even get a special parking place because you're on staff and you receive special treatment because you work so hard. Before you know it this special treatment and recognition causes you to begin think that you deserve this - that you should be served by others in special ways instead of being the one who serves. read more

What Exactly is Worship?

What Exactly is Worship?What exactly is worship? If you had to write out a definition, what would you say? Some would answer that worship is what we do on Sundays when we sing together in church - during the worship service. But worship is so much more than just singing. read more

What is the Purpose of Music in Church Services?

What is the Purpose of Music in Church Services?It may seem like an elementary question but if you're involved in the music ministry then it may be helpful to be find the answer to this question in God's Word. The answer is deeper than "that's just what we do" or "we've always had music in the church services". It's much more than "talent show" time for musicians. There is truly a deep purpose for music and I'd like to give you... read more

Are You Building the Kingdom or Yourself?

Are You Building the Kingdom or Yourself?Even when our heart's desire is to be all about Kingdom building, self has a way of getting in there. If you've found yourself battling self as you minister, desiring to be a Kingdom builder not a self builder, then here is some encouragement... read more


Who's the Fairest of Them All?

Who's the Fairest of Them All?Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? You may have a secret desire to be recognized as the most gifted singer at your church - to wow the audience with your voice and to strive for standing ovations. The truth is - we all have to fight these temptations. read more

Serve Me

Serve MeAs musicians, we are to minister to the Body of Christ as singing servants. But how often do we have that heart attitude? I have to confess that there are times when I go to church with the attitude of wanting others to cater to my wishes and serve me. Oh my, doesn't that sound awful? read more

Hypocrite or Beautiful Mess?

Hypocrite or Beautiful Mess?I feel like a hypocrite standing up singing when my life is such a mess! Have you ever had that thought before? So, does it make you a hypocrite when you stand to sing in the midst of the mess? read more


Does My Life Reflect the Words I Sing?

Does My Life Reflect the Words I Sing?It's easy to sing the words to a song... but it's a major challenge to actually live out those words in our daily life. Standing in a long line at a local drugstore and totally unaware that I was about to be given a pop quiz on living out my faith... read more


It's Not About Us

It's Not About UsThere are many songs with the words "I" and "me" filling the lyrics. There's nothing wrong with that. We are a desperate people in desperate need of our Savior, and those songs can declare that truth.

However, our lives should be about Jesus. Choose a song that focuses on the Lord, His character, His attributes, and His worth - as song that focuses on the Lord, not on man. read more

Envy Unwelcome

Envy UnwelcomeHave you ever had that awkward situation when you are scheduled to sing, and you prepare a new song, only to find out that another singer has planned to sing that song too? The awkwardness comes in the conversation between the two singers while they try to decide who's going to get to sing the song first. read more

Mindless Worship

Mindless WorshipHave you ever been in the middle of singing a song to the congregation during a church service and all of sudden you find your mind has drifted far away, thinking about something else?

Your thoughts may have drifted to what you'd be doing later that day or back to something that happened earlier in the week. You may have even caught yourself thinking about how you look or how you sound. read more

Getting Out of the Tight Spot

Getting Out of the Tight SpotHave you had days in your music ministry when you feel like you have so much to do that you just have to let something go? When you're in that tight spot it may seem like the only thing you can get out of is singing at church. read more


Don't Be a Diva!

Don't Be a Diva!Is there a musical diva in your music ministry? Not sure? Allow me to enlighten you.

A musical diva (man or woman) is someone who likes special treatment. They prefer their microphone to be the loudest and want the best songs saved for their solos because they are the best singer around (at least in their own mind). They usually breeze in late yet, expect the sound to be just right... read more...


UnappreciatedDo you struggle with feeling unappreciated for your service in the music ministry? Has this struggle led to feelings of insecurity? Are you basing the worth of your ministry on the feedback that you receive?

If you are in the music ministry in the local church, you probably pour yourself out to minister to the Body but often don't get poured into yourself. This can lead to feelings of being unappreciated, which can lead to insecurity. read more...