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How Do You Find Time to Practice?

How Do You Find Time to Practice? When do you rehearse? How do you find the time to practice? This seems to be one of the most common difficulties for musicians. Here's the best way that I've been able to carve out time to get prepared to more


Know Your Vocal Range

Know Your Vocal RangeUnderstanding your voice with its strengths and weaknesses will help you to choose the right songs to sing and to perform them well. When was the last time you checked your vocal range? Here's a practical guide to help you find more


When Have You Rehearsed Enough?

When Have You Rehearsed Enough?Everyone has their own rehearsal style. There are some singers who rehearse over and over until they're comfortable with the song while other singers seem to just wing it. So how do you know when you're properly prepared?read more


Let's Choose a New Song

Let's Choose a New SongWe get stuck in our particular genre of music and stop thinking outside of our set list. Is that you? Well, it's time to choose a new song to sing. Here are a few titles to help narrow down that ocean of songs and get you pointed in the right direction... read more

Involving Children

Involving ChildrenWe can get children involved in the music ministry. But children are so... well, child-like! What if they don't sing the song perfectly? Or, what if they don't stand still on the stage? But God's Word says that their praise silences the enemy. read more


Sing Some Old Gold

Sing Some Old GoldAs musicians, we are constantly looking for the next song to learn. But what about that song that you used to sing that meant so much because it reminded you of the work God did in your heart? Remember that one? Every time you sang it, people were blessed... read more

Take Care of Your Instrument

Take Care of Your InstrumentHave you ever considered that as a singer you have a handcrafted, completely original, one-of-a-kind instrument that God has given you? Your voice is your instrument. We are responsible for being good stewards of this musical instrument God has given each of us. But, how in the world do we do that? read more

What Should I Wear to Sing?

What Should I Wear to Sing?Of course you want to look great, but you don't want the focus to be on you. And then, there's modesty to consider, yet you don't want to be prudish either. So, how can you know what's good to wear? read more


Maintaining Composure in an Emotionally-Charged Performance

Maintaining Composure in an Emotionally-Charged PerformanceHave you ever been moved by the words of the song you're singing and gotten completely choked up? Or have you sung in an emotion-filled service, like a wedding or a funeral, and even though you tried to fight back tears, you could hardly get the words out much less the right notes?

How do you maintain composure in an emotionally-charged performance? Should you focus more on performing well or being transparent and real? read more

How Can I Sing When I'm Sick?

How Can I Sing When I'm Sick?What do you do when you're scheduled to sing, and you have a sore throat? Do you reschedule your date to sing, or do you try to muster through and sing anyway? What if you're scheduled to sing for an event that you can't cancel?... read more


Choosing the Right Song

Choosing the Right SongYou've been scheduled to sing for an upcoming church service. What song will you sing? You wade through the sea of great songs out there to choose the one that's right for you. As you look at all the songs available, you may feel overwhelmed. So, how do you choose the right song to sing? Do you choose by lyrics, sound, style or popularity?

Here's how I choose a song. Maybe this could be your guide too... read more

Ready or Not, Here I Go Sing

Ready or Not, Here I Go SingHave you ever gone to church thinking you were going to just enjoy sitting in the congregation, but you soon found yourself standing on the stage singing the special music? It was supposed to be your Sunday off from singing, but the scheduled singer was sick and you were asked to step up to sing instead. read more...

How Do I Sing Past an Error?

How Do I Sing Past an ErrorDoes this sound familiar to you?...

You are standing on the stage performing a song. Right in the middle of the song your mind goes blank and you completely forget the words. You do not have the presence of mind to make up some lyrics so you just stand and stare at the congregation for what seems like an eternity until your brain kicks back in and the words come back to you.

Or in the midst of your song you go to belt out that beautiful high note and instead, an awful cracking, duck quacking noise comes out of your mouth. read more...