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You're Served

You're ServedBecause you're on the stage, singing often, people thank you for your ministry. Sometimes people will do something special for you because you've ministered to them. Maybe you even get a special parking place because you're on staff and you receive special treatment because you work so hard. Before you know it this special treatment and recognition causes you to begin think that you deserve this - that you should be served by others in special ways instead of being the one who serves. read more

Too Busy NOT To!

Too Busy NOT To!Have you found yourself in such a busy season of ministry that you can't seem to find even a few quiet minutes to pray? We have all been there and we can collectively say that the music ministry keeps you BUSY! read more


Music for VBS

Music for VBSThe school year has come to an end and summer break has begun. If you're in children's ministry, you know that summer break means Vacation Bible School is coming up. Did I hear a sigh? Don't despair. We have song suggestions for you... read more

Beware of the Performance Trap

Beware of the Performance TrapDo we give much thought to what others think about our music ministry? Probably, for many of us, our first response is absolutely - no, the approval of others is not that important to me! But, after some thought... read more


Leading the Way to Worship

Leading the Way to WorshipAs worship leaders, what would happen if we got distracted or off course? Where would we lead the people? How dangerous to take our responsibility lightly... read more


Last-minute Mother's Day Selections

Last-minute Mother's Day SelectionsIf you get a last-minute call to sing in a Mother's Day church service or haven't had a chance to decide and practice yet, here are a couple of songs that are easy to learn, easy to sing, and you can download right now. read more


Sweaty Palms, Knocking Knees, Shaking Head

Sweaty Palms, Knocking Knees, Shaking HeadHave you ever been so nervous that your head shook? Everyone has had times when you're so nervous your palms get sweaty and your hands shake; or for some your knees actually knocked. Yes I've been in those situations. But have you ever been so nervous that your head shook? Well I have and believe me it wasn't pleasant. read more

What Exactly is Worship?

What Exactly is Worship?What exactly is worship? If you had to write out a definition, what would you say? Some would answer that worship is what we do on Sundays when we sing together in church - during the worship service. But worship is so much more than just singing. read more

Hurt and Disappointment in Your Music Ministry

Hurt and Disappointment in Your Music MinistryHave you been hurt by someone that you work with in your music ministry? Has something happened that has greatly disappointed you? If so, how are you handling that hurt and disappointment? It seems that, too often, hurt and disappointment are found among musicians working together. What is your response? read more

Clash of Generations

Clash of GenerationsWorking together with a mix of ages in your team can lead to a clash of generations. For both the younger inexperienced musicians and the older experienced ones this can be a huge challenge but also a great blessing if handled according to God's Word.
read more

Singing Scripture

Singing ScriptureMany songs available with lyrics that are Scripture put to music. Others use a phrase from Scripture or a Truth from God's Word. If you start to listen to some of the tracks available, you won't have to listen very long to hear Scripture in the music. Here are some selections for you... read more