Sample Downloads

If you have any of the questions below, please download our sample files to help answer them. These samples use the same download technology as our purchased digital music files. Need help? Please refer to our step by step Download Help.


Will I be able to download your music files using my computer and Internet connection?

Even though individual music files are relatively small, those with dial-up connections may still not be able to overcome the inability to download them. We reccomend that you have access to high-bandwidth as is provided by a cable modem or DSL, satellite or company network. If you're unsure whether your connection can bear the download, give it a try with the samples above.

Some operating systems and browser configurations/settings may not be optimized for downloading files. If you are unsure, please click the above links to try a download.


Will your digital music files play on my home computer, in my car, my church sound system, or MP3 Player?

Chances are the answer is yes but if you have any doubt, download the samples, and transfer/burn them to your media of choice and try it to be sure. If you're not sure you're able to transfer/burn, this is a good opportunity to practice that as well. There is some advice in our FAQs about what to do with your digital music files.


I'm not sure if I should purchase MP3 or Ogg Vorbis format. What's the difference?

There are several differences and which you should buy depends on your comfort level with digital music as well as your application of the music. Here are a few of the differences to help you decide which format best fits your abilities and needs.

Much like an MP3 audio file, an Ogg Vorbis file is a bitstream audio file which is read by a computer. Unlike the older MP3 format, however, Ogg Vorbis does not have technological limitations that cause smearing of percussion sound, pre-echo impulse problems, and other quality related issues. Therefore, Ogg Vorbis encoding produces a consistently better grade of sound across all genres. Still, most users would not notice the sound quality differences unless they have a trained ear, or are using high-fidelity audio equipment, or both. Ogg Vorbis is decoded by most professional multimedia software used by individuals and churches today, is supported by some personal media players, and is preferred by audiophiles and music purists. All Ogg Vorbis files are encoded at 192kb sampling rate for amazing, rich sound.

Another difference is the file size. Even though Ogg Vorbis files have better sound quality, they are smaller. Also, Ogg Vorbis files can be converted to MP3 satisfactorily. However, sound quality cannot be improved to that of an original Ogg Vorbis by converting an MP3 to Ogg Vorbis. It's kind of like a photo; you can make a color photo black and white but you can't make a black and white photo into a color.

OGG VORBIS FILES DO NOT PLAY IN MOST STANDARD PC-BASED PROGRAMS. For a list of Ogg Vorbis compatible players please visit Our suggested player for Windows users is Winamp (which you can download for free). It will play Ogg Vorbis files as well as create a CD which can be used in standard CD players. Winamp's help section has a great step-by-step guide for burning a CD.


I've never downloaded a digital music file before. Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely, and you're not alone. We have many customers who's first experience shopping on the Internet is with us. We encourage you to try the sample downloads and use our step by step Download Help. Of course, if you need assistance or have a problem, Customer Service is available to respond to your needs.